Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Review of M's Stormtracker Gloves!"

Originally submitted at Outdoor Research

The ultimate in backcountry versatility, the StormTracker Gloves have more useful applications than you can think off. Alpine climbing, ski touring, ice climbing - you name it. This glove is thin, but the WINDSTOPPER® membrane and tricot lining make it warmer than ...

My everything glove!

By Morgan the mango from Ontario, Canada on 12/25/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Awesome dexterity, Minimal stretch, Light, Surprisingly warm, Construction Quality, Durable, breathable

Cons: Cold on sides of fingers, No fingertip hangers, Dry relatively slowly

Best Uses: Snowshoeing, Cycling, XC skiing, ice climbing, Hiking

I'll start by stating that I work in the industry so I got these on pro-deal. When i bought these, I had intended to use them for ice climbing when it wasn't cold enough to warrant BD Punishers.

Then I found myself wearing them to campus, while driving, while walking the dog, even just for the heck of it.

The dexterity is awesome, the thin fleece on the inside makes them comfy and they hold enough of my own heat to keep my hands warm.

I got these soaking wet one day and they took a little longer to dry in the pockets of my alibi than I had expected, but they're not likely to get that wet on a regular basis.

they climb ice beautifully, its almost like climbing bare-handed. heated rappels seem to do nothing to the great leather palm, and they're so dextrous that i can even tie my boots with gloves on.

i like them so much that I use them for everything, which has me worried that i'll wear them out doing something silly like driving around town!

my only gripes:
- slow drying time - for something so thin they did take a little longer than expected
- no fingertip hangers - many other manufacturers include this feature, which allows us to hang our gloves by the tips to keep precipitation out of them. i understand the motivations against it (store gloves in your jacket, requires reinforcement in the fingertips) but its still a nice feature
- cold on sides of fingers - the sewing structure that provides great fit and articulation also unfortunately produces cold spots on the sides of the fingers.


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