Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gear Loft.

My room is a mess. was a mess. well, is a mess.
But it was much worse before. Crash pads on the floor, clothes everywhere, backpacks taking up walking space...just ridiculous. So I'd been trying to figure out some way to get the gear off the floor and above my head for a while. I'd thought of running rope along the ceiling, and hanging things from it, but that ended up looking pretty expensive (rope, cordage, carabiners...) to do it well.

Then the other night I was experimenting with psychotropic drugs and wound up comfortably resting in mid-air in my room, suspended by a magical hammock made of glowing blue silk. (disclaimer: may not have actually happened)

Eureka! a hammock would make the perfect gear-storage-device! They can hold a ton of weight, would definitely reach between my walls, and have plenty of places for clipping carabiners if i wanted to!

So, off to Crappy Tire...2 hours later the gear loft was installed and the room was already much cleaner. EXCELLENT!

This is severely recommended to anyone with things they want to get off the floor. Be advised though, you need to be careful about how you secure the hammock...the last thing you want is for the gear to come crashing down in an awesome outdoor-preparedness-avalanche and crush you to death with irony.

Total cost of materials: Hammock = $15+tax (sale @ CT), Eye-bolts x2 = ~$2.50

Current Lust: Cloudveil FirsTurn Hooded Softshell, Cloudveil Koven Pants

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  1. Nice! Now Kaju has the perfect safe haven for when you have parties!