Friday, October 16, 2009

Shoe Demon update: 48 hours later

OK so it's not actually 48 hours's really more like 60 hours later, i think.

This is kinda like a mini-review of the Granger's stuff, but definitely not especially comprehensive. I attacked the demons in 3 pairs of shoes:

FiveTen Jet7's - My main shoe, as I do a lot of bouldering, these work great. Very tight, size 7.5. Smell factor was around 4/10, recently it jumped to 6/10
Evolv Predator's - Had these before the Jet7's, wore them a TON. Quite tight, size 8.5. Smell factor at about 8/10
FiveTen Anasazi Verde's - My 2nd pair of shoes ever, technical lace-ups. When I started bouldering more seriously, I preferred the aggressive velcro of the Predator to the laces of the Anasazi. Tight but comfortable, size 9. Smell factor also at about 8/10 maybe 8.5/10
All the shoes use synthetics in the uppers and inside the shoe.

So, the treatments went like this:

Jet7: Sprayed once over 60 hours, worn once after 48 hours, shoes stored in trunk of car.
Predator: Sprayed 3 times over 60 hours, never worn, shoes stored in basement.
Anasazi Verde: Sprayed 3 times over 60 hours, never worn, shoes stored in basement.

Smell verdicts:
Jet7: Little or no change, still about 6/10. I just sprayed them again so we'll see what's up after another few hours.
Predator: Distinct improvement. 5/10.
Anasazi Verde: most surprising improvement to around 4/10.

All in all the Granger's stuff works pretty well. I'm pleasantly surprised by the Anasazi Verde's result though a little disappointed the smell isn't gone completely. The one caveat I must mention is that I didn't climb in these shoes (with the obvious exception of the Jet7's) while I was treating them. I think this is an important detail that was key to the spray working.

Next up, Nikwax Sandle Wash.

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