Monday, October 12, 2009

Gear Lust.

I have a *serious* case of gear lust. It consumes me. It seems I can't go a day without finding out about some wicked piece of gear that, of course, I definitely need.

It's not that I just want lots of STUFF, lots of posessions...I only genuinely lust for something after I've either tried it or read about it, and it has to have some interesting feature or technology behind it.

I'm not fickle, I just have lots of hobbies and I love doing things! And I love trying new things! And, more often than not, I end up loving the things I why not get the gear when I know it's going to be used and used often!??

That is the introduction to me...I am passionate about adventure, the outdoors, and the gear that goes along.

Through this modern, sophisticated interweb-medium, I'll share my experiences, reviews, lusts, and fun finds...for you to read, if you like!

Current Lust: a gorgeous Patagonia Softshell jacket I saw in Europe Bound a couple days ago

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