Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shoe Demons

I am a climber. I cram my feet into tiny shoes covered in especially sticky rubber and then try to get on top of boulders, or up a rock face, in usually the hardest way possible.

It's darn fun, but it's also darn hard work. What happens when you work hard? Unless you're Evan Sharp, you sweat. When you're climbing, your feet tend to sweat, a lot. All that sweat crammed into those tiny shoes...well...that can lead to the growth and reproduction of...SHOE DEMONS! And when you remove the shoes, either between climbs or at the end of your night, those demons get released and they go attacking anyone within a 10 foot radius.

Getting rid of the demons is exceedingly difficult. I've washed one pair of shoes numerous times with little success. Plenty of people just live with it and accept that this is how it is with climbing shoes...and I have done that for as long as I have been climbing...

However, today I saw something called G-Max Odour Eliminator made by Granger's. This spray promises to effectively eliminate odour on all footwear. I figured I'd give it a try, as the little bottle was well within the 'try-it-out' price range ($5.50 @ MEC).

I'm excited...all 3 pairs of shoes have been sprayed...shall report back with results!

If this doesn't work, i'm going to try out a magical paste i am concocting of fairy dust and 190 proof grain alcohol...

Current Lust: Patagonia Ranger Smith Waterproof Mid boot - deliciously comfortable, warm, stylish, waterproof.

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  1. Let me know how that goes, I've been looking for something to use on my climbing shoes and more specifically on my Vibram Five Fingers, all three pairs are stinking to high heaven! Nothing and I mean nothing has worked on getting that smell out.