Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tech: Schoeller C-Change

The other day, I decided to check out the Schoeller Textiles website (www.schoeller-textiles.com) to learn more about their fabric tech. At MEC we sell a variety of softshell jackets and pants and many of them use Schoeller fabrics. If I want to advise any members about the stuff, I figure I better know as much as I can about it.

So, on the Schoeller site I saw a link to something called 'c-change'.

-- Let me add, quickly, that I had been describing an idea I had a day earlier to a friend of mine, about how cool it would be if there was some way to create a membrane that would have expanding pores to better channel heat and moisture away from your body when you were exerting yourself the most --

That is exactly what Schoeller claims their c-change membrane does. They stole my future idea in the past! In all seriousness, this is fiercely cool technology. A membrane that has temperature-responsive pores that get bigger when it's hot (better breathability) and smaller when it's cold (better weatherproofing)?! Outstanding. All while maintaining a waterproof barrier.

It seems too good to be true! I haven't been able to find any conclusive reviews on the products that have this tech, but I was able to find some extremely lust-worthy items:

Mammut Jannu Extreme Jacket - absolutely gorgeous, only uses c-change membrane

Canada Goose Tofino Bomber Jacket - Canadian, technical, only uses c-change membrane

Cloudveil Koven Plus Jacket - c-change is used only on parts of the jacket

So...if anyone wants to donate to the "get morgan a c-change jacket fund" please, feel free!

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